FFYR Annual Convention in the News

Adam Hasner tells Young Republicans that youth vote to be key

By Michele Dargan
Daily News Staff Writer

Adam Hasner spoke to 100 members of Young Republican clubs from around the state Saturday, telling them 2012 will be a determining factor in what happens to the United States in years to come.

“I want this country, just like you do, to be a country that is more prosperous, more free, more safe and more secure — one that provides more opportunities for us and for those that come after us,” Hasner said. “That’s only going to be possible if each and every one of you digs deep.”

Hasner spoke during lunch at Nick & Johnnie’s to the Florida Federation of Young Republicans annual conference, which includes 33 clubs around the state with members from the under-40 crowd. The conference, which began Friday and ends today, included syndicated radio talk show host Neal Boortz as the keynote dinner speaker.

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