The Final Straw Against Obama

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Dear Young Republicans and Conservatives,

Friday, June 15, 2012 was a very important day for all of us. For those of you who may have missed it, Friday is the day when a sitting President of the United States publically declared that this is not a nation of laws. Well, at least it isn’t a nation of laws to which the President himself is bound.

Effective immediately, according to the President, an executive order was issued that instructed the Department of Homeland Security that the United States would no longer deport anyone who was currently in this country illegally and met certain criteria.

The criteria? The immunized Illegals had to have arrived in the US through no fault of their own when they were young, currently lived here for 5 years or more, graduated high school or served in the military and currently have no record of misdemeanors or crimes. Immunity from deportation is not the only reward; the President has decided to throw in work permits for the estimated 800,000 people as well.

Many of you may be thinking, like I was, “Wait a minute here! Aren’t there laws that govern this? Shouldn’t something like this take an act of Congress?

Nice try, but you’re wrong. Why? Because Barrack Obama said so.

Remember, on Friday morning when you woke up this was a nation of laws,
but when you went to bed this was a nation of a blossoming dictatorship.

What was the President’s reasoning? It was the right thing to do.

For those students of history out there this is not a new statement. We’ve heard very similar reasoning used in the past. We don’t even have to look far to find unbelievable horrors and atrocities that have been justified because someone thought that it was “the right thing to do.

Our forefathers built a government specifically designed to prevent one person, or a small group of people, from deciding on “the right thing to do.” They called it a Balance of Powers and it consisted of three independent branches of government: A legislature, a judiciary and an executive power; one to make the laws, one to interpret them and one to enforce them. They even used to teach this idea in our schools.

On Friday, Barrack Obama decided he was going to become all three. Publically anyway.

That’s what makes this one so profound and so scary. Any of us who have been paying attention to this administration have no doubt understood that this is how he operates.

Can’t get the economically disastrous Cap and Trade passed in Congress? No problem, he’ll just have the EPA do it through crippling regulations. No need for Congress there.

Can’t sell the American people on the evils of the Second Amendment and gun ownership? No problem, he’ll have the justice department sell American Guns to Mexican Drug Cartels in an effort to turn public opinion against gun ownership. Hey, it’s just too bad that a border agent Brian Terry lost his life as a result.

It was the right thing to do.

What makes Friday so startling, so historical, is that this wasn’t done through agency regulations. This time it wasn’t a subversive decision made behind closed doors in a circle of shifty eyes and whispered voices. No, this time, the President of the United States of America gave a speech in the Rose Garden.

This time cameras were rolling as the President of the United States of America told the American People and indeed, the entire world, that he had chosen to ignore and change the law because HE DECIDED it was the right thing to do.

Perhaps in Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, North Korea or China this kind of thing is standard, but it’s not supposed to happen here. Not in the United States. Not in a country that was specifically designed to prevent this very thing from happening.

I wonder what King Obama’s next decision will be. I’m sure that the Congress of The United States is curious to find out too. After all, they are now just observers like the rest of us. I’m sure that they’re relieved to learn that someone else is doing their job. Now, they can just go home and relax and watch as the media debates whether this was a political maneuver in an election year or not. They don’t need to worry and stress about making laws. The President has them covered.

Me? I’m going to devote every effort I can to making sure that Obama is soundly defeated in November. I’m going to speak to whomever will listen, I’m going to knock on every door that I cross, I’m going to call everyone that I know and those whom I don’t to make sure that this man spends not another second disassembling and subverting the greatest country that this earth has ever seen.

Why? Simple. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Michael Riordan
Palm Beach County Young Republican

2 thoughts on “The Final Straw Against Obama

  1. Very good article. I pray there are many many young Americans as educated and ambitous as you are to save this great country from being destroyed by Obama. He is so openly intentional about what he is doing, everyone HAS to know what he is doing to America. It’s a shame that so many people put the color of skin of the President as more important than what kind of person he is. Of course he has the majority of black people in his pocket, all the homosexuals and most of the people who receive government benefits. It’s a shame they care more about their agendas than about the state of the whole Country. When Obama gets his way, they will find out real quick how unimportant they are to him.

  2. how old is the ink on this it dry yet.he spend two million to keep it a serect.why couldn’t he spend a few thousand more to have a phony made up.just wondering why it took so long.he hiding something.what did he sped two million on to keep serect.just wondering again

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