FFYR Statement on Obamacare Ruling

You already know that the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare constitutional. They  approved the individual mandate and called it a direct tax.


What you might not know is how this affects you as a Young Republican. This bill is aimed directly at our generation. By using frail promises like free healthcare, Obama has suckered many of our generation into the false belief that intervention will help everyone. The problem here is that intervention will hurt those of us responsible enough to be footing the bill.


Right now, our Healthcare is already a disaster. Can you imagine if it was run by the same people who DMV? According to a study by Harris Interactive, 84% of adults between 18 and 34 already find the wait at a doctor’s office unacceptable. Over half of those in the same survey said they even delay medical care because the process is such a pain. Another study by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation showed 30% of “young adults” as insured. That means with the mandate, 70% of us will have to find a way to purchase insurance, be fined, or essentially go on welfare. And finding a way to get insurance might be more difficult than you think because premiums will go up. The Heritage Foundation points out:  “The natural variation by age in medical costs is about 5 to 1—meaning that the oldest group of (non-Medicare) adults normally consumes about five times as much medical care as the youngest group… the effect will be to increase premiums for those ages 18–24 by 45 percent and those ages 25–29 by 35 percent while decreasing premiums for those ages 55–59 by 12 percent and those ages 60–64 by 13 percent.”


So not only will the system worse, but we will be penalized and end up paying for it (yep, that’s about $940 billion over 10 years). There’s no question that Obama lied, this is a tax.





You can help in the following ways:

  1. Get informed.
  2. Help Elect Republicans to Congress.
  3. Donate to FFYR to help us further initiatives against Obamacare.
  4. Vote for Romney in November!

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