Tampa Bay Times Prioritizes Progressivism over Parenting

Op-Ed response to “Rubio’s stale school plan[1]” published by the Tampa Bay Times on Saturday, February 23, 2013.

Tampa, FL – It seems that even after re-electing President Obama for a second term, holding on to their majority in the Senate, and seeing further implementation of the Affordable Care Act, it’s Senator Marco Rubio that keeps Progressives up at night.

In a late night (3:30 a.m.) editorial posted by the Tampa Bay Times, Editorial Writer Robyn Blumner reminds us that Progressives and Democrats are under the continual belief that government, not the individual, always knows what’s best for you and your family. Undoubtedly, it is this blind faith in government and this President that has led to a stagnant economy and failed foreign and domestic policies. So this is our timely reminder to Blumner and Progressives everywhere, that in fact, our national motto is still “In God We Trust.” That motto not only refers to whoever our God may be, but those inalienable rights granted to us by Him and outlined in our nation’s Declaration of Independence.

See, Senator Rubio’s Educational Opportunities Act empowers American families with two things that Progressives fear most: freedom and competition. It takes a family’s hard-earned income (or tax revenue as Progressives call it), and instead of sending it to an overgrown government bureaucracy who wouldn’t know the first thing about your child, their school or school district, it empowers that family with the freedom of choosing where they feel it is best to send their money and child for their educational instruction. This choice can include any number of options: Religious, secular, chartered, private, or even homeschooling. The horror!

In fact, it is the Progressive philosophy of an infallible government entity that has championed a trait favored by Progressives now present in our educational system, mediocrity. This everyone-gets-a-trophy mentality, is what has brought the United States to rank 25th among 49 developed nations in a study of our annual rate of growth in student achievement in math, reading, and science[2]. Sadly, in an educational system where standardized testing is trusted more than the educators we place in our classrooms, this trend will only continue to deteriorate.

Let’s be honest though, the veiled issue Blumner is attacking isn’t Senator Rubio’s plans for education reform. Blumner is attacking a family’s opportunity to send their child to a religious based educational institution because she would rather protect secularism, mediocrity, and Progressive union-affiliated educators than to incentivize you as a parent to decide what is best for your child. In fact, she is so confident that you would choose any other option than a mediocre public education that she is in favor of eliminating any incentive to your right of choice as a parent regardless of your religious beliefs.

The final question I asked myself in reading Blumner’s editorial was this: Why would she waste her time and Tampa Bay Times’ ink and paper addressing a bill that likely won’t even make it to a vote[3]? Denigration. Progressives fear the likes of Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Tim Scott, and Governors Sandoval, Jindal, Haley, and Martinez to name a few. The trend of minority Republicans elected to State and Federal leadership positions erodes the fallacy of a homogenous political party that has been perpetuated for over half a century. In a political climate where President Obama is more of an anomaly rather than a trend within the leadership ranks of the Democratic Party, it is the latest strategy of Progressives and Democrats alike to attack the up-and-coming minority candidates and elected within the GOP.

In closing, it seems that if anything has been accomplished, it’s that Blumner’s editorial has perpetuated the stereotype and long term belief of a left-leaning and self-admitted Progressive agenda among the editorial staff of the Tampa Bay Times. As someone who has never subscribed to any newspaper and consumes their news entirely online, I might suggest that your editorial staff not be so blatantly obvious in alienating their readers while there still is a newspaper to be read.


Jonathan Torres

President, Tampa Bay Young Republicans


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