While Congressional Republicans Are Hard at Work, Obama Portrays Them As Inactive

A recent article published by the New York Times referred to several focus groups that were directed towards discovering young adults’ perception of the Republican Party. One of the comments made was that [Congressional Republicans] needed to “just pass something.” The Obama White House has done everything possible to portray Congressional Republicans as sitting around and doing nothing while singing praises of Congressional Democrats who are depicted as working overtime to make a deal. The work of the melodramatic Obama spin-machine has never been more evident than with the current perception of “The Sequester.” Fortunately, informed young adults can see right through the theatrics put on by the White House while President Obama shirks his responsibilities as a leader and instead points the finger of blame at anyone but himself.

First, the Obama administration would have the public believe that the President has all of the answers to the country’s economic problems. Last Friday, an email sent by the White House declared “some” in Congress were holding the country back by allowing these “devastating” spending cuts to take place. Congressional records show that the Democratic-led Senate has unanimously rejected the President’s budgets on multiple occasions. How can the President have all the solutions for the country’s dire economic problems if he could not even get one pity vote from his own party? When senior White House officials invented the concept for “The Sequester”, it was immediately hailed as a bad idea. Once the full consequences of this gimmick were realized, the White House immediately backtracked and attempted to blame it on Congressional Republicans.

Once again, the White House has attempted to shift public focus from their own poor policies to depicting Congressional Republicans as failing develop a plan to avert the cuts. In reality, the Republican-led House passed not one, but two substitute bills for offsetting spending cuts elsewhere in the budget. As the leading governing body for budget management, the House has fulfilled its Congressional duty on multiple fronts. Each attempt was silenced by the Democratic-led Senate. The problem lies with our President’s definition of compromise: his opponents bending to his will and policies, while he moves the goal posts just eight weeks after he got the largest tax increase in American history, and reneges upon his prior agreements with Congress regarding tax increases and the debt ceiling. Congressional Republicans have done their job. They have worked hard to develop a plan that is in the best interests of all Americans.

Republicans in Congress have proposed sensible and reasonable spending cuts that protect our national security. Among them were:

  • Stopping fraud-related tax returns to ensure people were indeed eligible for the taxpayer benefits they receive.
  • Eliminating government slush funds
  • Reforming benefits to ensure recipients qualify for each program. As it stands, if a person qualifies for SNAP benefits (food stamps), they automatically qualify for other programs that they may not have been eligible for individually.
  • Ending the authority to save “too big to fail” companies.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger IL-11 (R) pointed out that the President has to drive less than two miles down the road to work out a deal. Instead, he has flown more than “5,000 miles for campaign rallies, seemingly for an election he has already won.” This is another sign that our president is unwilling to lead by example through compromise which best serves the nation as a whole. Instead of fueling up Air Force One, he could reach out to his 33 million followers online and make his pitch to them.

As you can see, the only way that information coming from the White House about “The Sequester” could be more fictional is if President Obama introduced Toby Zeigler as his new speechwriter. Once the smoke and mirrors act is unhinged, the current administration falls drastically short while Congressional Republicans remain committed to fixing America’s fiscal problems.

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