On the Passing of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher


October 13, 1925 – April 8, 2013

This morning, after suffering a stroke, the United Kingdom’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, has passed away. While we know she is in a better place, free from pain, free from a relentless press, and reunited with her American conservative counterpart, President Reagan, she will be missed by many on both sides of the Atlantic for her fearless conservatism.

For us, personally, Margaret Thatcher is an icon not only of conservative principles but of the fact that a woman can be a conservative leader. Today, in the United States, we are blessed with many strong female conservative leaders from Attorney General Pam Bondi to Governor Nikki Haley to Mayor Mia Love. But Prime Minister Thatcher broke through that glass ceiling and did it with grace, poise, and a coy smile.

The images of President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher on the White House grounds, chasing dogs, riding the golf cart, or simply talking are heart-warming images for any conservative in the world. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been a part of that conservation, even as a fly on the wall?

Margaret Thatcher: thank you for choosing conservatism, thank you for choosing to lead, thank you for choosing to be a wife, mother, scientist, lawyer and showing a woman can have it all, and, mostly, thank you for standing up while others remained seated. You will be missed. But I certainly hope this morning President Reagan greeted you on his golf cart and said, “Hop in Maggie! I’ve got a lot to show you!”


Peret Pass, Chairwoman
Jennie Hayes, Internal Communications Director
Carmen Myers, National Committeewoman
Kelly Phelan, Assistant Treasurer
and The Florida Federation of Young Republicans Leadership Team