Prayers for Boston

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Boston community and all the marathoners who took part in the Boston Marathon, a race that should’ve been a great milestone race for many of them. However, due to the cowardice of one or more terrorists, this day¬†will forever be a day of carnage and destruction.

We thank the first-responders and are reminded of the resilience our country by the images of the paramedics, firefighters, and police officers running toward the blast and its horrific aftermath. We are also inspired by those runners who kept running through the Finish Line to local hospitals to donate blood. In America, when blood is shed, we donate blood. That’s what separates America from the rest of the world: our response and our responders.

In the coming days, answers will be brought to light and justice will be brought to bear upon those responsible for at least two deaths and over 100 injuries. During that time, we pray for those dealing with this tragedy – the marathoners, the spectators, the loved ones who lost a family member, the first responders, and the Intelligence Community – that they might know a sense of calm amidst a raging storm so answers can be found quickly and responsibly.

Florida Federation of Young Republicans Leadership Team