FFYRs in South Carolina This Past Weekend Help on the SC-01 Congressional Campaign!

Breaking records…

This past weekend, the DCYRs and our own FFYRs traveled to Charleston, South Carolina during the 72 GOTV push to campaign on behalf of SC-01 Republican Congressional candidate, Mark Sanford. On Day 1, FFYRs broke the record for most calls made in a single day AND, within 24 hours, 19 YRs contacted over 10,000 voters!


YRs were like the postman: they braved the weather and walked door to door in rain and signwaved! The people of SC-01 realized the importance of Sanford winning and their support is an absolute rejection of former Speaker Pelosi’s efforts to elect herself Speaker of the House again. Pelosi has dumped $1 million into Sanford’s opponent’s campaign because, if the Democrat wins, Ms. Pelosi is on her way to holding that shiny gavel once again. All voters contacts were VERY supportive and everyone with whom the FFYRs came into contact were standing with Sanford.

FFYR Chairwoman, Peret Pass, stated, “I am so proud of the FFYRs for taking charge to continue to put our country on the RIGHT track. We could not have a better team and I am certain that SC-01 will stay RED this Tuesday.”

For more on the importance of the SC-01 race, visit: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/05/05/ppp-sc1-moving-in-sanfords-directionThe article describes how important this congressional race is to the Democrats so donors will see that a House Majority can be achieved by the Democrats and continue to open their wallets. But, by the FFYRs helping in this election, we are putting our fingers in the dike to prevent a potential flood of Democrat campaign funding into competitive races nationwide this election cycle.

FFYR is, once again, leading the charge against Democrat victories and ensuring a RED Congress for the betterment of the entire nation! That starts with SC-01’s Congressional race this past weekend and will continue into the 2014 mid-term elections!

From the FFYRs…
“The Sanford Campaign was very professional and organized.   On a rainy Sunday afternoon, every station was manned for the GOTV effort.   I am proud to say that Seminole YRs were counted among those fighting for our future.”

Matthew McMillan, Seminole County Young Republicans

“After seeing nothing but personal attacks and money being poured in from the Democratic political machine at the highest levels, I felt motivated to head on up to South Carolina with fellow Young Republicans from across my home state of Florida. I felt encouraged by the overwhelming positive feedback from Low Country’s citizens and their unwavering support of Mark Sanford. I am honored to have helped play a role on the ground and to have met a leader and personable as he.” Steve Avila, Palm Beach Young Republicans

“It never ceases to amaze me how just a few hard working young people can make a real impact on a race like this one. What we did this weekend could impact this nation.” James Nealis, Jacksonville Young Republicans

The overwhelming response, from the people I contacted in SC-01, was that they want Mark Sanford to be their next congressman. Mark Sanford is the right candidate to represent SC-01 and I was honored to be able to work on his campaign. Kelly Phelan, Seminole County Young Republicans

I felt that our combined, heartfelt efforts could be a game changer in this election. I am proud to have stood with YR’s to keep this seat in the GOP column. Jen Mitchell, Jacksonville Young Republicans