Hats Off to the Gomez Campaign!


Thank you so much to the FFYRs who have spent the last couple of days in Massachusetts  and those who spent time here in FL, fighting for a great, principled Republican! The FFYRs made some great contacts, working alongside YRs from across the country, including the DCYRs, NJYRs, NYYRs, Ohio YRs and CAYRs!

A special thanks is also in order for the Florida TARs for working alongside Young Republicans across the country in the GOTV effort for Gomez, including the TOP THREE TARs callers: Kenny Igarza, Sergio Moto, and Rachael Bryan!

And you couldn’t find a harder working YR on the Gomez campaign than Massachusetts YR Chair Katie Regan, who organized the YR effort and was a force to be reckoned with on the campaign trail in the past few weeks and, especially, the last 72 hours! Thank you, Katie, for providing inspiration to other YRs across the nation!

The polls showed a close race from the beginning between Republican Gabriel Gomez and Democrat Ed Markey in the Massachusetts US Senate Special Election (former Senator Kerry’s seat). Nevertheless, the YRs showed up, made phone calls, knocked on doors, made connections, and built up our networks. Why? Because we believed in Gabriel Gomez, who represents the future of the GOP — he allows us to see how great our Party can become by embracing the “new generation” of Young Republicans. Gomez ran a fantastic race, meeting with hundreds of voters, discussing ideas, offering conservative solutions, and inspiring everyone to turn his or her American dream into an American reality. The FFYRs hope Gabriel Gomez will continue to stay involved in the GOP because he serves as an inspiration to all Republicans, especially the YRs!

Gomez FFYR

“I’m proud to have stood by Gabriel Gomez and fellow YRs across the country as we fought for a conservative who would bring fiscal responsibility and common sense to the nation’s capital. The FFYRs who made calls from Florida on behalf of the Gomez campaign and those who traveled up here to Massachusetts are a fantastic group of young leaders and I am honored to lead them.

As Congressman Paul Ryan said, ‘Losing is part of politics and can often prepare the way for the greatest victories.’ Campaigning isn’t just about winning – it’s about building connections to ensure our fighting forces are as strong as possible the next time around.

We can hold our heads high knowing FFYRs – and other YR organizations from many other states – did all we could to see Gabriel Gomez become the next US Senator and, next time around, we’ll be even stronger by this experience and will WIN!”

— FFYR Chair, Peret Pass