Constitutional Government

We are the party of our nation’s founding principles, the Constitution, and the rule of law, and we are the only party seeking to restore ordered constitutional republicanism to preserve the civil society.  No government may infringe on our God-given unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and we are the party that will defend these rights.  While the centralized, consolidated, post-constitutional government promoted by the statists is a serious threat to our prosperity and conflicts with the work of the Framers, limited government can play a positive role in society.

Self-government derives its power from the people, yet today it operates in the shadows, negotiating and signing omnibus, and allegedly comprehensive, bills into law before the people can determine the effects these laws will have.  The elected Legislative branch also delegates broad power to an unelected and unaccountable administrative state of unnamed bureaucrats to write rules and regulations.  The Executive branch decides not to faithfully execute laws it dislikes, strictly for policy reasons.  The Judicial branch regularly usurps powers from the other branches of government, and the Supreme Court can impose activist rulings without recourse, effectively rewriting the Constitution on economic and social issues.  None of these three branches is popular with the American voters, with pluralities disapproving of their job performance.

We have solutions that will restore the system of checks and balances articulated by Montesquieu.  We endorse an open, transparent and deliberative legislative process in local, state, and federal governments.  We believe that every proposed bill must cite its specific constitutional authority, and all rules and regulations from the administrative state must conform to the Constitution.  We demand a transparent and accountable budget and appropriation process, eliminating base line budgeting mechanisms and continuing resolutions that allow ineffective programs to continue indefinitely.  We support the appointment of constitutionalist jurists who will interpret the law as it was originally intended.

State governments play an important role in our country and the Framers of the Constitution expected that those legislatures would prevent the concentration of power in the federal government.  In general, we view the States as workshops of democracy, where problems are solved through innovation and competition with the other States.  We believe that all federal agencies should be examined, and their functions should be returned to the States if they could be performed better.  We support state legislatures that want to apply for a Convention for proposing constitutional amendments, especially if they believe that Congress will not propose changes to restore ordered constitutional republicanism.

But for the Bill of Rights, the Constitution would not have been ratified.  Our party conserves these first ten amendments, as intended to protect us against tyranny and limit the government from violating our personal liberty.  We support religious organizations who are taking legal action against the federal government to protect their First Amendment rights of conscience.  We believe in the fundamental right to self-defense of life and property, and we oppose federal gun registration and restrictions to our Second Amendment rights.  We oppose unwarranted aerial surveillance with drones as a violation of our Fourth Amendment right to privacy.  We protect private property and demand limited power of eminent domain per the Takings Clause in the Fifth Amendment.  However, the Bill of Rights does not list every right that “We the People” have; we will continue to remind our fellow Americans of the Ninth Amendment’s implicit reference to our God-given natural rights.

We believe that unborn children have a fundamental right to life, and we support legislation to clarify that the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause applies to them.  We endorse the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that would generally prohibit abortions starting at 20 weeks of pregnancy.  We also endorse the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, which prohibits discrimination against the unborn on the basis of sex or race, and we oppose any efforts to overturn the partial-birth abortion ban.  We support legislative provisions like the Hyde Amendment that bar the use of federal funds to pay for abortions, and we oppose taxpayer-funded subsidies to organizations that provide abortions.  Instead, we support funding organizations and resource centers that offer services to women and families faced with the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy.

In order to restore ordered constitutional republicanism, we support amendments to the Constitution.  We advocate for a balanced-budget amendment, with spending caps set at 18% of GDP and a super-majority requirement for tax increases.  We endorse a marriage amendment, to define that institution as the union of one man and one woman.  We support a human life amendment, to define and protect the sanctity of human life.  Because it is profoundly unfair when our citizen representatives operate under different sets of rules than the people, we recommend an amendment that prohibits Congress from making any law that does not also apply to the Senators and Representatives.

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