Results Are In: YOU Made a Difference!

On Tuesday, Americans across the country expressed their preference for candidates and elected officials in the most sacred way: the ballot box. Election Day comes each year, not just the years when the President is running for re-election or it’s open season for a presidential race. When it’s an off-presidential year, getting the vote out is even more difficult (heck, it’s even hard when there is a presidential race)! But, thanks to your efforts and your fellow Americans efforts, another Election Day has come and gone and here are how some results shook out in Florida:

Congratulations to Mayor-Elect, Howard Wiggs!

Cape Coral Council
Former VP of the SWFL Young Republicans, Richard Leon, WON his race for Cape Coral Council District 4 with 56% of the vote! Congratulations, Councilman! President of SWFL YRs and Assistant Treasurer of FFYR, had this to say on Richard’s win, “He is the youngest to ever be elected in the city. We are extremely proud of you Richard!”

Ft. Myers Mayoral
Congratulations to Mayor Randy Henderson, whose campaign benefited from the help of YRs and TARs in the Lee and Collier areas, on his re-election! Great win for the city!

Miami Mayoral
Mayor Tomas Regalado won re-election! While the race is non-partisan, Regalado is a Republican and we’re glad he will be able to serve Miami for another term!

St. Petersburg Mayoral
Many PCYRs were campaigning all the way through Election Day! While Mayor Foster was not victorious, we are very proud of the YRs from across the state who campaigned for him and the past four years of Mayor Foster’s leadership!

Gubernatorial elections were held in two northern states- both of which the FFYRs assisted – and here are the results (just in case you didn’t already know!):

New Jersey: Congratulations to Governor Chris Christie on his re-election and thanks to all the YRs who assisted on his campaign! Big thanks to NJ YR State Chairman Tony Howley and his efforts!

Virginia: While Ken Cuccinelli was not victorious, we appreciate the efforts of all the YRs who volunteered for his campaign, including the Florida YRs who deployed to Virginia last month. The Virginia Legislature remained Republican so it’ll be interesting to see just how much of his progressive agenda Governor-Elect McAuliffe accomplishes. Eleven Young Republicans were elected to the Virginia House of Delegates! Thank you, also, to YRFV Chairman, John Scott, and all his efforts for the Virginia ticket! Incredible leadership on all three statewide campaigns in Virginia from the YRs! We wish you the best of luck — and strength — in the coming days with the Attorney General recount and hope, very soon, we can call Mr. Obenshain, Attorney General-Elect Obenshain!

Alabama held an election for its Congressional District 1 and Bradley Byrne was victorious! The Alabama YRs tweeted they look forward to working with him in the coming year!

Massachusetts held elections for Boston Mayor and the new mayor is Republican, Marty Walsh! Congratulations!

Suffolk County, New York elected a few YRs on Election Day, which is great! We love seeing YRs elected in every state!

Texas had another great YR story: former Texas YR Vice-Chair, Ross Lacy, won his city council race! Way to go, Ross!

Ohio Lisa Stickan, immediate past Chair of YRNF, won her Council At-Large seat,too! So proud of Lisa!

In Georgia, a YR has been elected to the Rome City Board of Education, congrats to Wes Hardin!

Maryland saw the second largest city in the state, Columbia, go to a Republican and the YRs attributed to the success of that race by organizing multiple and large-scale GOTV efforts for Mayor Randy McClement! But, what’s truly incredible from this state is the Young Republican candidate and YR-led campaign of Mike Pantelides, who is the Republican candidate for the mayorship of Annapolis! Mike is an active member of a local YR club and, if he wins, will be the youngest Republican Mayor in the city’s history (at the age of 30) and the first Republican to win this city’s mayorship since 1997! At this time, the race is too close to call but we wish the candidate and his team the best of luck in the coming days as all votes are counted! Very, very cool, regardless of the outcome!

Again, we want to reiterate to all of you how much we appreciate your commitment to turning out the vote for Republican candidates, whether it was in the primary or in the general election! Your time, talent, and tenacity made a difference and we are counting on you in 2014 for Florida’s cabinet elections and mid-term Congressional elections! Today, you made your voice heard and helped ensure victories at the polls for Republicans. We didn’t win every race, that’s true. But we won over some people who might never have voted if we haven’t talked to them or may have voted for the Democrat had we not spoken to them about the common sense foundation of the Republican Party. In that sense, we all made a difference for the GOP and made our message loud and clear throughout the nation and up and down Florida’s coasts! Thank you for that!

In Gratitude,

FFYR Leadership

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