A Jolly Day Indeed!

David Jolly, former aide to the late Congressman Bill Young, ran a great Congressional race against former Florida CFO, Alex Sink and all eyes were on Florida to see how our District 13 race would manifest itself. Today, we showed we can keep a seat RED when we pool our efforts!

Chairwoman of FFYR, Peret Pass, stated tonight, “I want to thank all of our Republican groups throughout the great State of Florida: the TARs, CRs, and YRs in particular and, as always, the RPOF and Chairman Lenny Curry, who understand the importance of grassroots and always lend support. A well-deserved and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the national YRs who took the time to make calls from their own states to assist us in CD13– your efforts paid off BIG! This was a race we were anticipating since the holiday season of last year and we knew we had to win: for Jolly and for his boss, Congressman Young. All eyes are watching Florida when it comes to elections and tonight, based on the reaction of social media, we just gave a HUGE morale boost to our conservative counterparts in our 49 sister states! I am beyond proud and thankful for the efforts of the Florida YRs and am confident this is just the beginning of victory for Republicans in 2014! Congrats, Congressman-Elect Jolly!”

In Gratitude,
FFYR Leadership