GOP Issues

A Path to Prosperity for Florida and the nation.

Liberals believe government creates jobs, but Florida Republicans know that it is the courage and innovation of entrepreneurs that does. In order to get the economy here and across the nation growing again, we must lower taxes and eliminate job-killing regulations.

Government Accountability

Taxpayers already send government enough of their hard-earned dollars in taxes. Republicans support zero-based, accountability budgets that show how every dollar is spent and ensure that taxpayers see positive results for their investment. In these challenging economic times, we cannot afford fraud or waste of our money.

Public Safety and Security

Florida Republicans believe an essential, core function of our government is to provide for public safety and the nation’s security. To do this we believe that criminals should face swift and consistent punishment for wrongdoing. We believe that those who commit violence should face the toughest penalties allowed by our laws. Florida Republicans believe that the Constitution clearly protects each American’s right to bear arms and that public officials must defend this right.

A Vision for a Better Future

Florida Republicans believe that faith, family and opportunity are what make America the greatest nation ever known in human history. To keep our state and nation on track, we encourage educational choice so that families can determine how to best prepare future generations for the challenges ahead. We believe government must protect religious freedom so that people of faith can remain connected to their Creator. We believe that our state and nation have been blessed with natural treasures that must be managed and protected for generations to come.