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Happy Flag Day and Happy Birthday to the US Army

flagdayTwo great births occurred on this date in history: the United States flag and the United States Army.

The Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution on June 14, 1777: “Resolves, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen starts, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.” It would be President Eisenhower, in 1959, who would call for the now official American flag, with 50 stars on the “blue field.”

Today, the United States’ Army celebrates its 239th birthday, having been installed by Congress on June 14, 1775. Read more on the US Army’s website. We thank all of our Armed Forces but, particularly today, our Army soldiers, both current and veterans, for their service and wish them all the happiest of birthdays!

“Let us never forget that in honoring our flag, we honor the American men and women who have courageously fought and died for it over the last 200 years – patriots who set an ideal above any consideration of self and who suffered for it the greatest hardships. Our flag flies free today because of their sacrifice.”

President Ronald Reagan’s Remarks at a Flag Day Ceremony in Baltimore, Maryland (June 14, 1985)

Tax Day Wisdom from President Reagan

“Republicans believe every day is the 4th of July; Democrats believe every day is April 15th.”

According to Tax Foundation, in 2013 an individual making between $36,250-87,850 paid a marginal income tax rate of 25%, which means over $9,000 last year was taken from someone making the lowest of that tax bracket and just under $22,000 last year was taken from someone making the highest of that tax bracket. At least as Floridians we don’t have to pay an additional state income tax on top of the high rates of federal income tax, which has been mandated since 1913 through the 16th Amendment. How great is it to be a Floridian? Pretty great every day and especially on Tax Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Even if you’re not of Irish descent, we wish all of you a happy St. Patrick’s Day! The day is considered, in the Catholic Church, to be the Feast of St. Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland and passed away on March 17 in the year 461.

Ireland is a perfect example of the dangers of civil war within a country: Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, is a Protestant nation and the Republic of Ireland, is a Catholic nation and the two sections have been at war for years. In fact, the flag of Ireland shows the dispute with green representing the Gaelic tradition and orange representing the followers of William of Orange in Ireland, with white representing the aspiration for peace between them.

Today, while you perhaps enjoy a pint of green beer or wear a shamrock, remember that civil war in a country is something that is quite real in other nations and, whatever the differences between you and your fellow Americans, be thankful that we’re civil enough with one another to live in a free nation without the threat of civil war.

Have a great, green day, lads and lassies!
FFYR Leadership

A Jolly Day Indeed!

David Jolly, former aide to the late Congressman Bill Young, ran a great Congressional race against former Florida CFO, Alex Sink and all eyes were on Florida to see how our District 13 race would manifest itself. Today, we showed we can keep a seat RED when we pool our efforts!

Chairwoman of FFYR, Peret Pass, stated tonight, “I want to thank all of our Republican groups throughout the great State of Florida: the TARs, CRs, and YRs in particular and, as always, the RPOF and Chairman Lenny Curry, who understand the importance of grassroots and always lend support. A well-deserved and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the national YRs who took the time to make calls from their own states to assist us in CD13– your efforts paid off BIG! This was a race we were anticipating since the holiday season of last year and we knew we had to win: for Jolly and for his boss, Congressman Young. All eyes are watching Florida when it comes to elections and tonight, based on the reaction of social media, we just gave a HUGE morale boost to our conservative counterparts in our 49 sister states! I am beyond proud and thankful for the efforts of the Florida YRs and am confident this is just the beginning of victory for Republicans in 2014! Congrats, Congressman-Elect Jolly!”

In Gratitude,
FFYR Leadership

Winter 2014 Newsletter

A great weekend in our State Capitol was had by all in attendance at the FFYR 2014 Winter Quarterly! Thank you to all who attended; mark your calendars now for the dates of our spring meeting, which will be the weekend of April 11-12th!

For anyone who wishes to attend the next national meeting for YRNF, please note the dates are April 30-May 4th and FFYR will pay the registration cost for any FFYR member who is in good standing and wishes to attend. Please email for more information and to express your interest.

At the meeting, Patrick Juliano, who currently serves as the president of the Flagler YRs, was elected FFYR’s Chairman of Club Presidents Association, a position recently vacated after a superb job well done by Bradley Gerber.

To see all the fun had this past weekend, please visit our Facebook page and LIKE us while you’re at it!

See you in April!


Fellow GOP Organizations

Congratulations to Adam Cross of the University of Florida who was elected in November as the new Chair of the Florida Federation of College Republicans!

Worthy Reading

The following article was published in BizPac on December 4th and contains quotes from Palm Beach County YR President, Brittany Bruce, Broward County YR Vice-President, Ryan Reiter, and Palm Beach County YR member, Steve Avila! Great job getting the word out about YRs!

Great story featuring the St. John’s County YRs and President Jaime Parham, who made a difference in the lives of many during the Christmas season!

Making a Difference in Florida and America

Tampa Bay

tampa-xmas-2013The Tampa Bay YRs hosted their Christmas Gala in December, which was a great success, with elected officials, members and community members attending. Congratulations on a great event, everyone!

Pinellas County

PCYR President Berny Jacques with candidates David Jolly and Mark Bircher

PCYR President Berny Jacques with candidates David Jolly and Mark Bircher

On Thursday, January 2, the Pinellas County Young Republicans (PCYR) hosted a candidates’ forum at the Pinellas Park City Auditorium. All Republican candidates for the District 13 congressional seat were notified and the following candidates attended: Mark Bircher and David Jolly. District 13 has been vacant since the passing of Florida legend, Congressman Bill Young, in late 2013.

Candidates Jolly and Bircher along with moderators on stage; you can see the heavy attendance from this photo!

Candidates Jolly and Bircher along with moderators on stage; you can see the heavy attendance from this photo!

PCYR President Berny Jacques served as the forum moderator. Jacques was joined by SaintPetersBlog Editor Peter Schorsch and Sunbeam Times Editor Dr. David McKalip, M.D. as guest panelists.

The event was free and almost 200 people were in attendance! Congratulations on such a great event that is important to the future of Florida and the country!

As we now know, David Jolly is the GOP candidate for this seat and we wish him and his campaign the best of luck and we look forward to continuing to work with his campaign!

Job Openings

Make sure to check out the Florida Legislature’s employment website!

Happy Hanukkah

319The Festival of Lights begins this evening and lasts for the next eight days, ending on December 5th. It seems appropriate that a holiday such as Hanukkah would coincide with Thanksgiving as both are holidays to rejoice in our blessings and show thankfulness. We wish our Jewish members and friends a wonderful Hanukkah, filled with family and faith!

Results Are In: YOU Made a Difference!

On Tuesday, Americans across the country expressed their preference for candidates and elected officials in the most sacred way: the ballot box. Election Day comes each year, not just the years when the President is running for re-election or it’s open season for a presidential race. When it’s an off-presidential year, getting the vote out is even more difficult (heck, it’s even hard when there is a presidential race)! But, thanks to your efforts and your fellow Americans efforts, another Election Day has come and gone and here are how some results shook out in Florida:

Congratulations to Mayor-Elect, Howard Wiggs!

Cape Coral Council
Former VP of the SWFL Young Republicans, Richard Leon, WON his race for Cape Coral Council District 4 with 56% of the vote! Congratulations, Councilman! President of SWFL YRs and Assistant Treasurer of FFYR, had this to say on Richard’s win, “He is the youngest to ever be elected in the city. We are extremely proud of you Richard!”

Ft. Myers Mayoral
Congratulations to Mayor Randy Henderson, whose campaign benefited from the help of YRs and TARs in the Lee and Collier areas, on his re-election! Great win for the city!

Miami Mayoral
Mayor Tomas Regalado won re-election! While the race is non-partisan, Regalado is a Republican and we’re glad he will be able to serve Miami for another term!

St. Petersburg Mayoral
Many PCYRs were campaigning all the way through Election Day! While Mayor Foster was not victorious, we are very proud of the YRs from across the state who campaigned for him and the past four years of Mayor Foster’s leadership!

Gubernatorial elections were held in two northern states- both of which the FFYRs assisted – and here are the results (just in case you didn’t already know!):

New Jersey: Congratulations to Governor Chris Christie on his re-election and thanks to all the YRs who assisted on his campaign! Big thanks to NJ YR State Chairman Tony Howley and his efforts!

Virginia: While Ken Cuccinelli was not victorious, we appreciate the efforts of all the YRs who volunteered for his campaign, including the Florida YRs who deployed to Virginia last month. The Virginia Legislature remained Republican so it’ll be interesting to see just how much of his progressive agenda Governor-Elect McAuliffe accomplishes. Eleven Young Republicans were elected to the Virginia House of Delegates! Thank you, also, to YRFV Chairman, John Scott, and all his efforts for the Virginia ticket! Incredible leadership on all three statewide campaigns in Virginia from the YRs! We wish you the best of luck — and strength — in the coming days with the Attorney General recount and hope, very soon, we can call Mr. Obenshain, Attorney General-Elect Obenshain!

Alabama held an election for its Congressional District 1 and Bradley Byrne was victorious! The Alabama YRs tweeted they look forward to working with him in the coming year!

Massachusetts held elections for Boston Mayor and the new mayor is Republican, Marty Walsh! Congratulations!

Suffolk County, New York elected a few YRs on Election Day, which is great! We love seeing YRs elected in every state!

Texas had another great YR story: former Texas YR Vice-Chair, Ross Lacy, won his city council race! Way to go, Ross!

Ohio Lisa Stickan, immediate past Chair of YRNF, won her Council At-Large seat,too! So proud of Lisa!

In Georgia, a YR has been elected to the Rome City Board of Education, congrats to Wes Hardin!

Maryland saw the second largest city in the state, Columbia, go to a Republican and the YRs attributed to the success of that race by organizing multiple and large-scale GOTV efforts for Mayor Randy McClement! But, what’s truly incredible from this state is the Young Republican candidate and YR-led campaign of Mike Pantelides, who is the Republican candidate for the mayorship of Annapolis! Mike is an active member of a local YR club and, if he wins, will be the youngest Republican Mayor in the city’s history (at the age of 30) and the first Republican to win this city’s mayorship since 1997! At this time, the race is too close to call but we wish the candidate and his team the best of luck in the coming days as all votes are counted! Very, very cool, regardless of the outcome!

Again, we want to reiterate to all of you how much we appreciate your commitment to turning out the vote for Republican candidates, whether it was in the primary or in the general election! Your time, talent, and tenacity made a difference and we are counting on you in 2014 for Florida’s cabinet elections and mid-term Congressional elections! Today, you made your voice heard and helped ensure victories at the polls for Republicans. We didn’t win every race, that’s true. But we won over some people who might never have voted if we haven’t talked to them or may have voted for the Democrat had we not spoken to them about the common sense foundation of the Republican Party. In that sense, we all made a difference for the GOP and made our message loud and clear throughout the nation and up and down Florida’s coasts! Thank you for that!

In Gratitude,

FFYR Leadership

We’re All In for Virginia’s Next Governor, Ken Cuccinelli!

We would like to thank the Florida YRs who made the trip to Virginia this past weekend to campaign for the VA GOP ticket! There were YRs from Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and DC! We’d also like to thank our colleagues, the Florida Federation of College Republicans and Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans for joining us! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We made over 15,000 voter contacts in two days!

cuccinelli333We also want to send a huge THANKS to the Florida Federation of Republican Women who helped fund our deployment effort!

But, the GOP in Virginia still needs our help and you can make a difference from now through Election Day! To make calls from home by simply sending an email to and let them know you’re willing to help.

John Scott, State Chairman of the Virginia YRs, had this about the race, (showing how crucial voter contact efforts will be), “The voters that are targeted through these calls are unreliable Republicans. These are voters we can count on to vote for the Republican ticket but don’t always vote in ‘off-year’ elections. If we turn out these folks, we win the election.”

Help us ensure that Republicans retain the Governor’s Mansion in Virginia! Please lend us your hand these next 8 days and together we will do what Republicans do best: GET OUT THE VOTE!

Deploy to Virginia and Make a Difference!

There are still spots available for the Virginia deployment so sign up today and make a difference on a national level! This is a great opportunity to get to know YRs from other states and get to know the next Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General of Virginia!

Plus, there is NO cost to attend! Your transportation and lodging will be provided!

Email the FFYR team today and sign up for your chance to make your voice heard nationally!

Details on Deployment

Walk two shifts on Saturday, October 26 ( approx. 10am-4/5pm)
Walk one shift on Sunday, October 27 (1pm-4pm)
Walk Chesapeake/VA Beach in precincts with walk books we provide.

Sleep 4 individuals to a room

TRANSPORTATION: TWO Pickup locations (you will be assigned)
Pick up in Orlando at 6pm on 10/25
(350 N Alafaya Trail Orlando, FL, 32828)

Pick up in Jacksonville 6pm on 10/25
(9700 Philips Hwy Jax, FL 32256)

Join the Facebook event, too!

Let’s show Virginia what Florida YRs are all about: getting out the vote! Please let us know by WEDNESDAY, 10/16 if you plan to attend! This is going to be a great event! Many YR groups from across the nation have already deployed and made great head-way so Florida’s got to step up to the plate and ensure we help Virginia!