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Happy Constitution Day

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather QuillSeptember 17, 1787 could have been just any almost-autumn day in Philadelphia – but it wasn’t. On that day, the Philadelphia Convention passed the United States Constitution, a document that would begin governing America on March 4, 1789, upon ratification of eleven states. In its 224 years as our governing document, it has been formally amended 27 times – but many in Congress, the White House, and even the Supreme Court have sought to change it many more times through subtle language of bills and holdings of various cases. Today we ask all of you to always elect – and fight for – candidates who will swear an Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution… and mean it. Election Day should always be considered an extension of today: Constitution Day.

– FFYR Leadership

Remember to Never Forget: 9/11/2001

9-11Many of us were in school on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Many of us didn’t even realize the impact of that date, even after we knew what had happened — because a 10 or 13 year old shouldn’t have to worry about a terrorist attack on her home soil. Maybe you were in college or working at your very first job and perhaps you did understand the magnitude of what happened, and that your life would never be the same. In the immediate aftermath, the television – every, single channel (including MTV and HGTV) were consumed with the headline, “America Under Attack.” Every radio station was playing around-the-clock coverage of various news outlets, fearing any moment there might be another attack. NASA was evacuated except for essential personnel, Disney World closed – one of the only times in its history that it has evacuated and closed its parks down. Airplanes were grounded at the nearest airport they could find, President Bush was whisked away from a Sarasota elementary school where he was promoting his education agenda, and time began to stand still.

We would come to learn the stories of heroism and heartbreak in the days and weeks that followed; some individuals who were part of rescue efforts are still experiencing side effects causing upper-respiratory diseases. Controversy would arise in the aftermath (and still exists today) over whether or not to invade the Middle East and deploy our armed forces into war. One thing is certain: people with hate in their hearts and malice on their minds boarded four planes that Tuesday morning and killed 2, 997 innocents.

At President Bush’s urging, the Congress passed Joint Resolution 71 by a vote of 407-0 on October 25, 2011 naming September 11th as Patriot Day, to commemorate those lives lost, those lives saved, and those who aided in the rescue efforts. Today, take a moment to remember those affected by the events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Take a moment to reflect on how your life was changed, how the course of history was thrown off balance, and how America fell victim to Islamic terrorists. And remember this: today is about being a patriot.

YRNF Recap & Committee Appointments


FFYRs at the 2013 Young Republican National Convention!

This weekend in Mobile, Alabama, the 2013 Young Republican National Convention was held and the FFYRs showed up in a BIG way with 18 delegates present — the SECOND LARGEST delegation in the nation!

Several FFYRs were recognized for their leadership in Florida through appointments to YRNF Committees, including:

  • Peret Pass: Young Republican National Federation Womens’ Leadership and Mentorship Coalition, (on which RNC Co-Chair, Sharon Day, will also serve!)
  • Jennie Hayes: Communications and Public Relations Chair
  • Edward Howard: International Youth Committee Co-Chair,  Constitution and By-Laws Committee
  • Daniel Ruoss: Reappointed as Resolutions Chair
  • Steve Avila: Outreach Committee and International Youth Committee
  • Eric Jontz: International Youth Committee
  • Carmen Myers: Membership Committee

Kate Wallace

Jacksonville YR, Kate Wallace, who works for Governor Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education, was invited to speak at the Convention during a break-out panel on Common Core! Very cool, Kate!

yrnf-243FFYR was honored with the Outstanding Social Media for a State Federation award based on its effective communication through various forms of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Constant Contact emails!

Thanks to everyone who attended and all FFYRs for your hard-work and dedication to the Republican Party, both at the state and national levels!

As Governor Scott would say, “It’s working!”

The next YRNF meeting will be sometime in November so stay tuned for updates!

FFYR Wins State Federation Social Media Award at YRNF 2013 Annual Convention

yrnf-243Tonight, on the USS Alabama, the YRNF convened for its closing dinner and awards ceremony. And the FFYRs took home the highly coveted 2013 State Federation Social Media Award!

This is thanks in great part to the leadership of Assistant Secretary Jennie Hayes and Chair Peret Pass and the endless hours the two have put into making FFYR’s social media outreach — via Twitter and Facebook — top-notch in the state and, now, we know, the nation! Thanks to YRNF for this great award and to you ladies for your leadership!

To our FFYR delegation: have a great remainder of your time in Alabama and safe travels back to the Sunshine State!

Congratulations to FFYR Chair Peret Pass: YRNF’s New Vice-Chair At-Large


This weekend at the Young Republican National Federation’s Annual Convention in Mobile, AL, FFYR Chair Peret Pass was unanimously elected as the YRNF Vice-President At-Large!

The Vice-Chairman is responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of the Regional Vice-Chairman, working to ensure active participation from all Regions in YRNF activities throughout the year.

Additionally, Peret was also selected to serve on the YRNF’s Womens’ Leadership and Mentor Coalition as one of only four YRNF National Committee Co-Chairs! Peret was selected by YRNF Chair Lisa Strickan for this position and we know Peret is going to do great things on this Coalition and we wish the best to all the women in this group so we can drive up the female vote on the GOP — the Party that has always stood for women’s rights!

We are so proud of Peret and what this means for Florida: having a YR presence in a national way will strengthen the already strong relationship Florida enjoys with the national stage, as it should be since Florida often decides the fate of presidential races and has produced some great national leaders!

Pray for Arizona

Today, we pray for our fellow Americans in Arizona, particularly those fighting fires in extremely dangerous conditions. As of this morning, at least 19 firefighters have died, all from the same crew. According to an Arizona State Forestry Spokesman, the crew was “overtaken.” One can only imagine the terrifying image of a raging fire heading right toward you and there’s nowhere to run or hide. Fighting fires is truly dangerous work and we thank firefighters across the country for their work…and sacrifices.

If you would like to assist the firefighters’ families at this time, please consider making a donation at

In Unity and Strength,
FFYR Leadership

Hats Off to the Gomez Campaign!


Thank you so much to the FFYRs who have spent the last couple of days in Massachusetts  and those who spent time here in FL, fighting for a great, principled Republican! The FFYRs made some great contacts, working alongside YRs from across the country, including the DCYRs, NJYRs, NYYRs, Ohio YRs and CAYRs!

A special thanks is also in order for the Florida TARs for working alongside Young Republicans across the country in the GOTV effort for Gomez, including the TOP THREE TARs callers: Kenny Igarza, Sergio Moto, and Rachael Bryan!

And you couldn’t find a harder working YR on the Gomez campaign than Massachusetts YR Chair Katie Regan, who organized the YR effort and was a force to be reckoned with on the campaign trail in the past few weeks and, especially, the last 72 hours! Thank you, Katie, for providing inspiration to other YRs across the nation!

The polls showed a close race from the beginning between Republican Gabriel Gomez and Democrat Ed Markey in the Massachusetts US Senate Special Election (former Senator Kerry’s seat). Nevertheless, the YRs showed up, made phone calls, knocked on doors, made connections, and built up our networks. Why? Because we believed in Gabriel Gomez, who represents the future of the GOP — he allows us to see how great our Party can become by embracing the “new generation” of Young Republicans. Gomez ran a fantastic race, meeting with hundreds of voters, discussing ideas, offering conservative solutions, and inspiring everyone to turn his or her American dream into an American reality. The FFYRs hope Gabriel Gomez will continue to stay involved in the GOP because he serves as an inspiration to all Republicans, especially the YRs!

Gomez FFYR

“I’m proud to have stood by Gabriel Gomez and fellow YRs across the country as we fought for a conservative who would bring fiscal responsibility and common sense to the nation’s capital. The FFYRs who made calls from Florida on behalf of the Gomez campaign and those who traveled up here to Massachusetts are a fantastic group of young leaders and I am honored to lead them.

As Congressman Paul Ryan said, ‘Losing is part of politics and can often prepare the way for the greatest victories.’ Campaigning isn’t just about winning – it’s about building connections to ensure our fighting forces are as strong as possible the next time around.

We can hold our heads high knowing FFYRs – and other YR organizations from many other states – did all we could to see Gabriel Gomez become the next US Senator and, next time around, we’ll be even stronger by this experience and will WIN!”

— FFYR Chair, Peret Pass

FFYRs Congratulate Representative-Elect Mike Hill of Florida’s House District 2!

A few weeks ago, we wrote to tell you that Mike Hill had won the Republican primary in Florida’s House District 2 and tonight we write to inform you that Mr. Hill is now Representative-Elect Hill of Florida’s House District 2, carrying 58% of the vote in the special election! 

Mike Hill, President of the Northwest Florida Tea Party, won District 2,which covers  portions of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties – namely Pensacola, Pensacola Beach and Gulf Breeze. The FFYRs send a heartfelt congratulations to Mike and his volunteers. According to the RPOF, the Special Election became necessary after the passing of State Representative Clay Ford, who served the district from 2007 through his death in 2013.

Congratulations Representative-Elect Hill; we’ll see you on the House Floor!

Announcements from the Spring Quarterly!

We had a great turn-out this weekend at the Spring Quarterly and here are just a few announcements we wanted to share with everyone (a full synopsis of the weekend’s festivities will be coming soon)!

Annual Convention
Our annual convention will be held the weekend of August 16-17 in Orlando, with our host being the Orange County Young Republicans. More details will follow in the coming months but, for now, mark those days off on your calendar!

Constitutional Amendments
This weekend the Constitution and By-Laws Committee, chaired by Skylar Zander, presented its proposed amendments to both the FFYR Constitution and By-Laws. A copy of this has been distributed previously via email to the FFYR email list but another copy will be sent out before the annual convention in August. The amendments will be presented for final approval at the annual convention.

Credentialing for YRNF
The Young Republican National Federation will host its annual convention in Mobile, Alabama from July 10th-14th. FFYR has been awarded 62 seats at the YRNF Convention and must seat at least 32 people in order to exercise full voting power. Please email FFYR Chairman, Peret Pass, for more information!

Board Members Seeking Re-Election
The following board members announced their intentions to seek re-election at the annual convention in August:

Peret Pass, Current Chair
Josh Cockrell, Treasurer
Nick Stone, Secretary
Jennie Hayes, Assistant Secretary
Carmen Myers, National Committeewoman

All candidates will be voted on at the annual convention in August. Please feel free to contact any candidates directly in the meantime!

See you in August!

Demand Answers from the IRS!

irsLast week, the Internal Revenue Service admitted to using its power to target and harass conservative organizations.

It is an absolutely indefensible abuse of power for our federal government to target groups of citizens based on their political beliefs, and the President and his administration owe the American people answers.

Sign the petition and demand that the IRS and the Obama Administration come clean on this flagrant breach of the public trust.
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